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Why Photography?

To say that photography has always been my dream is a bit too sappy for me to say out loud so I’ll start this off with a disclaimer. Photography is not my “dream job” I was never that cute kid who always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. That finally fulfilled her dreams after years of education and a compelling backstory to go along with them. When I was around 11 my mom mentioned to me that this was something I might want to look into after having a small identity crisis (as much of an identity crisis you can have when you’re 11) So that was when the conceptualization of a solution was planted.


So what am I doing pursuing a business with a hobby I’m mediocre at? I am already employed full-time.

Here’s my unpopular opinion, my “dream job” is to be a home-maker. I know that sounds cheesy but that’s literally all that I’m called to be in life and what greater responsibility could I ask for? The whole full-time job gig is only a temporary position to prepare me for my future. I have the opportunity to work hard and save up for a hobby that I can take into my future. Yes photography is a hobby, not a career, but it’s a gift that I can bless others with and ultimately use to glorify God.


In conclusion, the Lord has given me a gift and responsibility. I’d like to take that responsibility to continue to grow and bless others. I’m honestly so surprised with how much support I’ve gotten for this page. My intentions for this page was just to display a simple portfolio, but I think it’s going to be so much more.


Thank you for supporting me on this journey.



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